Tom Tagliamonte, Chair
Tom Tagliamonte
Bob Scheibli, Vice Chair
Bob Scheibli
Randy Klammer, Vice Chair
Randy Klammer
Not Pictured


Melanie Majikas
Not Pictured


Sue Stromberg
Linda Hlebak, Treasurer
Linda Hlebak
Kevin Malecek, Secretary
Kevin Malecek

From the By-Laws of the Lake County Democratic Party …

The thirty elected members of the Executive Committee shall be selected from the following districts:

Executive Committee Districts

Eastlake, Timberlake, Lakeline 3 representatives
Kirtland, Kirtland Hills, Waite Hill 1 representative
Mentor 7 representatives
Mentor-on-the-Lake 1 representative
Painesville City 2 representatives
Wickliffe 2 representatives
Willowick 2 representatives
Willoughby 3 representatives
Willoughby Hills 1 representative
Concord Twp. 2 representatives
Fairport Harbor, Grand River, Leroy Twp. 1 representative
Madison Village, Madison Twp. 2 representatives
Painesville Twp. 2 representatives
Perry Village, North Perry Village, Perry Twp. 1 representative

Election of representatives from each district shall be at large from among all Central Committee members within that district. Districts with more than one representative, by a majority vote of those electors present at the organizational meeting, may choose to subdivide the total number of representatives into sub-districts and elect one representative from each sub-district. The sub-districts shall exist only for the purpose of electing representatives to the Executive Committee at that election and shall have no permanent status.